Team Canada All Girl


ICE All Stars - The Summit 2014
Anonymous: Are you trying out with your same team canada stunt group as last year? :)

Yes except we have a different back spot because Courtney got ACL surgery :)

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i loved these unis so much :(


Our comp shoes this year <3
Anonymous: Just wanted to say I LOVED team canada all girls dance this year - super fun but still sharp and clean!

ME TOO! I love love loved doing it! Thank you!!

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Updates in the past month.


My team (grey reefs), has a ridiculously hard routine. Team Canada tryout requirements are insane. I landed a standing full into the pit again. I started coaching a youth level 1 team. I love them, they are my babies. I started throwing (and almost landing - so close), my two to full on the FLOOR…

OH I also haven’t done a front handspring in 10 years and apparently I completely lost that skill. I’ve been working it lately and I figured it out today. I did front handspring front tuck on the trampoline and then the tumble track. I was going to progress to the floor/pit but my knee was bothering me. But yeah :)

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